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Revit, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office & Windows Customisation

For application specific FAQs please follow the following links:

Rockit - FAQ
RockTools - FAQ

Question: Is it possible to link attributes such as the title & current revision to our Microsoft word excel Transmittal and/or Drawing Register? And what are the hidden files zDwgProp.txt and zDwgPropV2.txt for?


Solution: Yes, with a little modification to your existing transmittal form we can link the drawing title to the transmittal. At the press of a button the title & revision is updated to prevent errors & problems resulting from inconstant documentation.

Question: Does Rock CAD Support customise Microsoft Word Templates such as Faxes, Memos and Letters?

Solution: Yes! We can easily customise your existing templates to pop up with user friendly forms that remember your previous inputs saving you time & money. It will even automatically save the document in the correct location on your server! Please contact Rock CAD Support for a quote.