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RockAUTO Testimonials

Below are some of my favourite testimonials from my users.

Many thanks go to all RockAUTO users who have made invaluable feedback over the years.

Carlito Diesta > Building Services Engineers

Dave, can I buy some RockAuto shares if there is any.
I would like to the first person to buy into your company.

See you around,

Carlo Diesta
(Rockauto salesman)

Thanks Carlo - Love your work

Paul King > SEMF

Dave, I didn't know that you could change standards so easily in Rockauto such as colors, linestyles etc.
I am starting to become an expert with the RockAuto Control Menu

Good to see a fan.

Paul King > SEMF

Love the new clean arch toolbar
Thanks RockAuto

Paul King > SEMF

Just when I thought RockAuto could not get any better, the team at rockauto have now streamlined the toolbars allow more drafting space. Now I have much more time to do shopping and spend time with the kids thanks to the latest in Rockauto menu technology. Thanks RockAuto

Ha - time with the kids errr
Well it's emails like this that keeps me Rockin - Dave

Paul King > SEMF

I have been a draftsman for 14 years, and the monotony of drawing lines day in day out was starting to make me think seriously about changing my career and becoming jelly bean salesman. But then I discovered RockAuto. Since then converting text to mtext is as easy as a snap of a button. It worked for me - It will work for you too written and spoken by Paul King from the national RockAuto fan club Sydney

He He Ha Ha
Paul - you are my entertainment - Love your work - Davey Baby

Maria > SEMF

You can always depend on RockAuto, when you thought your CAD problems couldn't be solved the staff at RockAuto comes to the rescue and saves the day.. RockAuto..your my hero!!
Ps. Love the RockAUTO AutoLIB with extra large icons display! Great for those people with very poor vision, like me!!

Ha Maria... Should I be blushing like in the Bird on the dodo TV Add? RockAUTO RockAUTO... CAD That flys? Errr Nah...

Con > SEMF

Is there a fan club? I've been using your bathroom layout thingy... I love the water rougin, it takes 5 seconds to do what would ordinarily take 5 minutes.. every hydraulic company in Australia would use it!

Thanks Con - I think they need to be told....


On the radius offset would be nice if we can enter the length of the fitting. And on the radius bend you can only change the size if it's a 90 degree bend only. I'd like to be able to change sizes on a 45 degree bend. Other than that, the program still ROCKS!

Yep that would be handy - I should also add a radius option in the radius tees and radius take offs, I consult my geometry expert GRANDAD ;-) !...