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Revit, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office & Windows Customisation

Question: Whilst using the commands Pack2zip, Pack2zipMult, Issue(ISS), IssueMult(ISSM), IssuePDF(ISSPDF) or IssuePDFMult(ISSPDFM) I get the following message ‘Please ensure WinZip command line feature has been correctly installed...’ or ‘Please uninstall and reinstall WinZip command line feature...’?


Solution: Commands which zip up drawing files, xrefs, pdf files and plot files require WinZip version 8.0 of greater to be installed (this is not supplied with RockAUTO). You also need to have the WinZip command line utility installed. You can find the installation file for WinZip command line in the location ‘C:\Program Files\Rock CAD Support\RockAUTO\Programs\wzcline.exe’

Question: Can we purchase components of RockAUTO separately such as AutoHVAC without AutoELEC?

Solution: Sorry no. It would be a lot of work to separate individual components from RockAUTO and would end up costing you more. You can however turn off and on components once RockAUTO has been installed.

Question: When changing from Paper Space to model space my dimscale & ltscale is not updated.


Solution: RockAUTO uses the mview scale to determine the new scale settings when changing to model space, if a standard scale is not found then the scale is not changed. You must have ‘RockAUTO Load VBA’ turned on. When entering paper space the scale is assumed as 1:1.

Question: Whilst plotting a reduced paper size and ‘Scale lineweights’ ticked the lineweights are not reduced?

Solution: Firstly you should know that you cannot scale lineweight in model space. You need to be in a layout view in order to be able to Scale lineweights. You probably have chosen ‘Fit to paper’. What you need to do is read the AutoCAD calculated scale then manually type this scale in. AutoCAD will then scale your lineweights.
Question: Do you have script files for updating title attributes?

Solution: Yes! We have many scripts available for changing attributes, as long as the attribute tags are unique then just about anything can be done. You’ll be blown away when you see how quickly we can revise up a set of drawings even when each revision number or letter is different. Scripts are also very useful to maintain standard terms on drawings & avoiding spelling errors. Have you ever sent out a set of drawings with five variations on the way of saying TENDER ISSUE?
Question: Can we purchase a network floating licence?

Solution: Yes.
Question: Is RockAUTO available in imperial units?


Solution: Yes. RockAUTO works in meters, millimetres and inches.

Question: Can I use my existing layer structure?


Solution: Yes. RockAUTO has been designed to allow for any layer structure and it is very easy to configure.

Question: How can I add a plural option to a word on AutoCAD?

CONDUIT/S NOT CONDUIT(S) AutoCAD will get confused with conduit(s) & you cannot add this to your custom dictionary whereas conduit/s can be added.

OVERFLOW / SURCHARGE NOT OVERFLOW/SURCHARGE Separate words with a space before & after the slash and AutoCAD will not get confused.

RL 15.100 NOT RL15.100 Separate words from numbers with a space and you will not need to add every RL combination.

Of course don't forget to set your dictionary to British English (ise). 

Question: Is there a way to stop RockAUTO from purging each drawing?

Solution: Yes, Open up the RockAUTO Control Dialogue and turn off the RockAUTO Purge option.